Plant Exchange Rack

At the PT foyer (University)

You’ve got one calathea too many, far too many shoots on your aloe, loads of seeds you don’t know what to do with?

For Sustainability Week, a plant exchange rack will be present at the PT foyer. Use it to donate your excess plants, or to exchange them for new charges. Don’t worry if your plant is not taken right on its first day, we will look after them every evening!

Clothes Exchange Rail

at the Audimax Foyer

Having fun with fashion and sustainability doesn’t have to be a contradiction in terms: swapping instead of buying is in! For this reason, a clothes exchange rail will be set up in the Audimax Foyer during the sustainability week. There you can hang up items that you no longer wear and find new items without having contact to other people. Whether shirt or pants, dress or shoes, accessories or jewelry, men’s or women’s clothes: everything should find a new owner! Come by and find your new favorite outfit!

Vegan Dishes

At the mensas (both University and OTH)

For the Vegan Recipe Competition 2020, you were invited to submit your favorite vegan recipes to add to the STWNO’s menu. Up to five winning recipes will now be served during Sustainability Week, November 16 to 20, in the student union’s mensas. Have a look at the menu:

The best dishes are intended to become a permanent part of the menu!

Phone Gathering Campaign

At the Audimax foyer (University)

You have an old mobile lying around your house, and don’t know what to do with it? Take it to our info stand during the week, do not let it go to Europe’s largest electronic waste disposal site in Ghana!
Under sadly normal circumstances, the used phone and other electronic waste may often be exported to developing and threshold countries over illegal shipping lanes. The losers of digital revolution work there, at the end of the global value chain, suffering from massive human-right violations.
To save your phone from that fate, you can give it away at our booth all week. All gathered phones are donated to the NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland) and then recycled as eco-friendly as possible.

Organised by: Amnesty International

Foodsharing Information Stand

In front of PT building (University)

We are an action group committed to preventing food waste. We “save” unwanted and overproduced groceries both from private households and from small and large companies.
On top of that, we consider ourselves a movement of educational policy comitted to sustainable goals in consumption and environment. Among other things, we fight for a “Wegwerfstopp” and against overpackaging in supermarkets. Those and other topics are established by us on events, in the media and in our own campaigns.
Our food-sharing community and activities are mainly organised via the online platform foodsharing. This is where participants called “Foodsharer” or “Foodsaver” network and coordinate themselves for each city or region. It also serves as a publication platform for supraregional news, events and information.
The foodsharing action group originated in Berlin, in 2012. It has now grown into an international movement with over 200,000 registered users in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries.
Members of the foodsharing community work on a voluntary and non-profit basis. The foodsharing initiative is and will always be free, non-commercial, independent and ad-free. We aim to make our platform open-source and more easily accessable worldwide – the way our concept of food-saving already is.
What is behind our initiative and how can you take part? For answers to those and other questions, come to our information stand in front of the PT building.

Organised by: Foodsharing

Teilbar at University

In front of PT building?

You’ve been wanting to clean out your wardrobe for ages, but don’t know where to take your stuff? Your shelves are close to collapsing from tons of books you’re unlikely to read a second time? So take them to us and get a chance to discover other people’s treasure that you may have use for in return!

More info at

Organised by: Transition Regensburg e.V.

Gefühlvoll & Nahtlos

information stand in the „Mensa“ (Uni) Foyer

Do you know the new unpackaged sale in the Milchbar Cafete? Or the upcycling products from the Enactus project called „Seamless“? At our information stand you can find out more about our projects, our sales, the packaging problem, the waste problems in the clothing industry, opportunities to participate in our projects or how to start your own project at Enactus. Come over!

Organised by: Enactus