Clean up regensburg!


Anyone who already has experience with house parties in their own flat share was certainly confronted with the mountains of rubbish the next morning. If you now multiply the amount of empty bottles, chip packs, cigarette butts, etc. by the many house parties in a city or country, it seems to be inevitable to deal with questions on the subject of “sustainable celebrations”. Does it make sense to throw confetti around the apartment all evening and throw everything straight back into the trash the next day? Here the answer is hopefully quite clear, for more difficult questions we hope to come up with alternative solutions through joint brainstorming.
We will also try to answer the following questions and more with you: What is the difference between upcycling and recycling? What rubbish do I throw the tea bag in? What effects does our garbage have on nature?

Organizer: Clean Up Regensburg

Clean up your campus


It can take up to five years for a cigarette butt to completely rot; a crushed beverage can take much longer: 200 years. Looking at these numbers, one wonders what makes it so natural for some of us to just throw our own rubbish on the floor. If you take a look at our PT meadow, you might think that the students at the University of Regensburg throw every little bottle cap into the trash can. Think again! If you take a closer look, our meadow is full of small pieces of waste that must be removed. Who likes to step into a shard of glass from a broken bottle from last year while playing spikeball in the summer?
That’s why we’re starting a big clean-up on campus! For this we need buckets and tongs, which can be borrowed for a deposit at the information desk during the clean up. However, you should bring your own gloves!